According to adobe, it has been 2 years since I updated this website. 
that means that this website has been sitting idly, used by no one for 2 entire years, which is both disappointing and hurtful. I remember when I was first making this website and the idea was fresh. I still think it's a good idea, and I intend to pursue it, but I felt to moved and motivated at the time. Unfortunately, a lot has happened in the time since and I've lost sight of the vision that I had for this page and this idea. But, now, I hope to bring that vision back and I would like to turn it into a reality. 
So this means that I should establish what it is that I want to do here. What are my goals, ideas, plans, thoughts, intentions?
Well, I don't know shit about tarot. My only exposure is through mocking media or through brief, fleeting interactions with my spouse, who practices tarot and has a genuine passion for the art of it. 
So I would like to learn. I want to have an open mind and learn all that I can about tarot. I want to learn about the cards, the suits, the individual meanings, the reversed meanings, how to perform a reading, just everything. And I want to record all of my learnedness here, so that eventually, I can organize and publish this knowledge in an inclusive, beginner-friendly, accessible form for anyone else to learn or even for myself to reference in the future. I do forget things, after all. 
As I learn as much as I can, I want to do deep dives on individual cards. I want to learn all that makes up a card. What are it's positives, negatives, normal and reverse readings, how it can affect and accompany other cards, etc. As I learn about each card, I want to design my own themed version of each card, armed with the knowledge of what the card represents. I don't want to just make a pretty set of cards. I want to make something meaningful that can evoke true emotional response in the viewer. Eventually, once I have the time and patience to build out the entirety of a tarot deck, I want to start producing it and hopefully be able to share it with the world. I want to also make an explanatory journal to accompany the deck so that any user can freely use the knowledge that I gather without having to expressly visit this website. 
I want to gather and build an accumulation of knowledge and expertise in the art of tarot so that, ultimately, I can use my creative passions to share this knowledge and hopefully also share new views, beliefs, and passions with other people. 
I thank you for your time and I look forward to sharing this knowledge with you. stay spirited.